Monday, April 23, 2007

A Symphony Called I Love Minneapolis

Ashbery Bridge

Superbaby L at Sad Zebra Zoo

Good Shoes & Hexagonal Sidewalks

Movement Architects L & V Who Pantomime the Evils of Zoos & Art & Hexagons

Imaginary Poets ZS, JMW, & MS

Art Art Art & Hexagons

& Minneapolis Has Excellent Sandwiches

This one is a VLT

This one is a JMJ

This one is an AJJ

This one is an AT w/ a side of stranger in plaid shirt.


Julie Doxsee said...

Thanks Paula for Imagining me there. Thanks MS, ZS, JMW for comforting me during my time of zebra. Thanks L, T, G, J, S, M, J, D & E, V, K, SG & DN & wee one, TR, CR, wee LR, & the rest. Coming soon: a Symphony Called Why I Love Lincoln.

Julie Doxsee said...

I forgot to thank Francois, who left my brain in a shoebox that I now drag around on a leash.